This spring, we have been acknowledging our staff and all the wonderful things they do to help our church home run smoothly! We want them to know they are appreciated! Our music team will be recognized at the church services and the 9:30 Fellowship Time on Sunday, May 19! If you would like to thank Maxine, Charleynne or Tommy with a card, you can drop it in their mailbox or email them.

Maxine Coburn

Traditional Worship Music Coordinator, Adult Choir Director, Bell Choir Director

In 2000, when Maxine asked Amber Coburn if she knew a church with a bell choir, Amber laughed and said Bethesda had one and they practiced on Wednesday evenings for an hour before adult choir started. Maxine was not thinking about singing in the choir, but Amber came into the sanctuary during that first bell practice and whispered to her, “Could you sing the tenor part in an anthem?” When she said she thought she could, Amber told her to come to choir practice when bells were over. So the first time Maxine walked through Bethesda’s doors, she found she was a member of both the bell and adult choirs. Eight years ago, she also became the adult choir director for the 8:30 service.

In her job, Maxine selects the hymns for every Sunday service, researches and chooses choir anthems and bell music. She holds choir practices weekly (except summer), attends weekly staff meetings with the Pastors, and coordinates the special music for the summer months.

She says, “I look forward to and thoroughly enjoy the practicing, fellowship and friendship of both groups. They are made up of individuals with different personalities, but one goal: dedication to each other and to the Lord. They glorify God with their faithfulness and musical talent.” Maxine appreciates the services and the scripture-taught sermons each week. She enjoys volunteering at the front desk and making sure the sanctuary is neat and clean for Sunday services.

You may not know that in the late 1960’s she spent 13 months living in Vaihingin, a suburb of Stuttgart, Germany. She worked at the 7th Army Headquarters as a clerk in the Quartermaster Division under an Irish Master Sergeant. Four evenings a week, she led a mixed choir of nearly two hundred men and women that were involved at the base. One night a week, they sang in smaller groups practicing a hymn or anthem suitable for their church services. They also sang at a variety of functions on the base and in town. One weekend they were even bussed into Austria, through the Alps, to sing a program honoring Mozart’s birthday.

Tommy Parker

Contemporary Music Coordinator

Tommy arranges music for the contemporary service. Whether it’s working with someone to sing a special song for offering, coordinating and rehearsing weekly with the worship team, or preparing the slideshows, he is working in front of and behind the scenes to facilitate worship at the 2nd service.

Tommy loves working with amazing people. Truly everyone at Bethesda has always impressed him with their kindness and willingness to contribute to all that happens at the church. The musicians he works with are so incredibly talented, and such a joy to see every week. The staff and pastors are so supportive and Tommy feels blessed to be a part of the team.

One of Tommy’s favorite things is getting to see the youth at Bethesda get involved in worship, and it actually has had an impact on the shape of the service. For instance, about 6 years ago we had a young girl who wanted to dance during worship, which slowly led to the kids all gathering at the front of the service to dance. Then, for a children’s sermon Pastor Sarah had us hand out little instruments for the kids to play, and it was so much fun that we now still have the kids come up about once a month and play percussion along with us during the closing song.

Tommy loves the summer activities at Bethesda! The outdoor worship services, the carnival, and most of all the outdoor movies! It is so much fun to share in the excitement with the families and kids waiting to watch a movie together in our park. He is so proud to tell people about all that Bethesda does.

Tommy loves his family! His mama is his best friend, and his brother Danny’s family, and his nieces, are some of his favorite people to spend time with. He also has a large amount of furry family members that own his heart. Tommy loves movies, especially Marvel movies. He also REALLY loves Disneyland.

Charleynne Gates

Organist, Choir Accompanist

Charleynne began working at Bethesda in 2010. Her job description includes playing the pipe organ and piano for traditional services; accompanying the choir for the call to worship, anthem, and benediction; attending choir rehearsals, and playing for extra services during the church year.

She says the best thing about her job is getting to play music. She prepares preludes and postludes for the service each Sunday. Stay and listen to the postlude after the service and you will find she plays a variety of beautiful music. She also plays special music on the piano occasionally.

The organ has 70 keys on 2 keyboards, plus 17 foot pedals. An interesting fact about her job is that Charleynne can make music with her feet. Sometimes Charleynne attends the Adult Education classes between services.

You may not know that Charleynne loves to travel. She has been to Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Italy, and Vatican City. She would like to see more of the world.