Maxine has been a member of Bethesda for 21 yrs and is the Director of the Adult choir and English Handbells choir (starting up again soon!) at Bethesda. She was involved with the choir and bells one week after moving into Eugene.

Maxine used to worship at the 8:30 a.m. service and has been taking temperatures and helping with attendance at almost every service through the pandemic. Maxine has also been involved as a front desk volunteer weekday mornings for years, and participates in other volunteer work.

Maxine prays they will soon open up having therapy dogs visitation again. She trained her Golden, Sammy, as a therapy dog and he was working 3 mornings a week prior to the shut down. He was assigned visitations to Pediatrics, Senior Health Care in hospitals and Senior Living Facilities.

But training therapy dogs is hardly the most interesting part of Maxine’s accomplishments. There are too many to go in detail about so we thought it best just to list them and we encourage you to talk to Maxine more in depth! You’re in for a treat.


  • She worked for a filming company to make violin demonstration/instructional films when she was a 4th grader.
  • When she was an 8th grader, she was hired to play with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra in the violin and oboe sections, 52 weeks per year. She played with them for 4 1/2 yrs.
  • Maxine worked for 7th Army Headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany for 13 months in the Quartermaster Section. She directed a chorus of 300 plus military men who sang for the Mozart Birthday Celebration in Salzburg, Austria along with singing in other places in Bavaria.
  • She worked for IBM in Production Machine Accounting and then became the Manager of the Department. She taught grades K through 12 and also worked in district administration.
  • Check this out. She had a 450 client paper route. She was at the paper plant at 1am, 7 days a week to fold each paper, pack them in the car and deliver so she could get home by 5am to get ready for teaching at 7:30am. She did this for over 5 years while going to grad school at California Lutheran College.
  • Amazed yet? She was a Pilot and Flying Instructor of small planes at El Monte Airfield, Calif!
  • Maxine was a professional show dog handler (see photo). She also taught dog handling for the American Kennel Club.
  • She bowled in Las Vegas in the International Bowling Tournament where her team placed 2nd and she placed 5th in singles and doubles.
  • Bethesda is Maxine’s 11th church choir to direct.
  • She was the Assistant Director of the choir at Westmont College for 4 yrs. and at Calif. Lutheran College for 2 yrs.