“A wife and mother, a creative and dreamer, a teacher and encourager dedicated to her family of artists and musicians who strive to live in a house of praise.” These are the words that I have at the top of my resume. It pretty much sums me up, but I think you would like to know a few more things about me.

I am an Oregonian. We did live on the island of Oahu for four years, so there is a little Aloha spirit with me. But I am an Oregonian through and through. I love the seasons of the Pac Northwest and all that growing up here afforded me. Iʻm at heart a Beaver and not a Duck. Donʻt write me off too soon for this because I will cheer on U of O as long as they arenʻt playing OSU. My father and brother graduated from OSU, so you canʻt blame me for the loyalty.

Here is the important stuff. I was baptized and confirmed at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Albany, Oregon. I moved to Eugene for college and stayed. I met my husband Jeff in the lunch line at what was then called Northwest Christian College, but our deep friendship grew during our summers working locally at Camp Harlow. One day we decided to get married, and, 28 years later, we have two grown children and a bonus child in my daughter-inlaw. We have a ginger cat, a ginger 1 year old puppy, and a few chickens. We homeschooled for 11 years to accommodate our familyʻs theatre schedule. We recently moved our daughter down to Southern Oregon University to finish a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre. Technically that makes us empty nesters, but last fall Mom moved in after selling her home of 50 years. We are a ministry family: having served together in either full-time ministry or lay ministry for most of our life. Two years ago, after decades serving as a pastor and teacher, my husband took the position of Director of Theatre and Facility Operations at The Hult Center for Performing Arts. We currently attend Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, where my brother is the pastor. If all goes as planned, I will begin studies at Luther Seminary for a MDiv of congregational mission and leadership in the fall of 2022.

On a side note: I like a good mystery or detective novel. I’m a Star Wars fan. I love me a good sports movie. I’m a knitter, and I enjoy a quiet time to draw or paint about what I’ve studied in God’s word. Thank you for making me feel welcome in these first few weeks of my time here at Bethesda. Iʻm in the office Monday through Thursday between 8:30 am and 2:30 pm if you have any questions or want to say “Hi.”