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Bethel Boutique

Help Us Distribute Clothes to Those in Need in Our Community

Our Bethel Boutique is our clothes closet that we operate for families of the Bethel-Danebo School District, through referrals from school counselors. We provide new and quality used clothing, with new shoes, socks, and underwear for all sizes (both male and female).

We’re aiming for an improved experience for our “shoppers” and volunteers. We’re hoping for more and more fashionable clothing and more and more volunteers to assist our shoppers and organize the donated apparel. A sign-up sheet is available on the “Connect” wall in the entryway if you’d like to volunteer. You’ll love the new experience we’re providing for the kids that come through! This is a great ministry!

Latest Update

The Bethel Boutique closed after another successful year meeting students clothing needs. We’ll reopen in late August for the 2022-23 school year.

If summer clearances entice you to shop, the Boutique can especially use these items as we restock for fall:

🕯 all sizes of men’s, boys, women’s & girls’ underwear (NEW only)

🕯 sweatpants, shirts, and jeans, gently used or new;

🕯 Shoes (NEW 0nly).

🕯 Jackets and sweatshirts are welcome, but lost and found school items supplies us with many of those items, gently used.

We have enough socks for a year thanks to the generous donation from the Bombas company. If you have clothing to donate, please help us by ensuring it is clean, stain free, and suitable for 18 year olds and under. We no longer offer clothing to adults, and try to stay with the most basic wardrobe items for school wear. St Vincent’s or Goodwill will accept donations that we can’t make use of; please help us keep our workload reasonable by taking those directly there.

Thank you for your continuing support of this ministry. You’re an essential part of our efforts.

Last Update

The Bethel Boutique is an important ministry of our congregation. It has been led by many faithful people over the years. When Diana Renn stepped down as the coordinator of the boutique, she expressd the need for more people to be involved. It’s really more of a job than one person should have to do. The boutique is currently functioning at diminshed capacity because we don’t currently have a clear leadership plan. More help is needed. The biggest need is for people to assist shoppers. We can’t open the boutique without enough volunteers.

We have several key volunteers who are helping with some of the necessary tasks. We have two community volunteers, Melva, who does a lot of the shopping and Heather who organizes and helps to inventory what we need. Diana continues to help with big projects like Undy Sunday and the Craft Fair. She is also a team leader who assists shoppers. We have other team leaders and volunteers who assist shoppers in the boutique but we also need more.

How to Donate Clothes

If you have been wondering how you go about donating to the clothes closet, kindly follow these three steps to make our volunteers’ jobs as easy as possible:

1 All donations must be in good condition and freshly washed. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself “Is my donation something that a child or teen would wear to school?” The Clothes Closet serves children from kindergarten through high school. If possible, donate only “in-season” clothing due to our storage limitations.

  • No torn, stained clothing or broken zippers
  • No used undergarments (underwear, bras, etc.)
  • No bathing suits
  • We are NO longer accepting used shoes

2 Package items in small to medium sized trash bags so our volunteers can easily lift them. Close bags to avoid spilling.

3 Place donations downstairs in the bin outside of the Clothes Closet. We are located in the church’s lower-level. The church is open weekdays from 9:00am – 3:00pm and Sunday morning the doors are always open!

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