Bethesda Preschool

The purpose of Bethesda Lutheran Preschool is…

  • to introduce, establish and develop Christian ideals among the children.
  • to provide an opportunity for the children of the community to be equipped with the readiness for learning in a classroom setting.
  • to provide a positive hands-on learning experience that is age appropriate for children 3-5 years old.

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Development in All Aspects of Behavioral and Intellectual Growth


  • Developing a sense of reverence and a feeling of thankfulness to God for all things.
  • Promoting and helping develop patience for others
  • Providing the child with activities and situations that encourage the qualities of honesty, respect for others and their property, and an awareness of how God would like us to love one another
  • Developing a conscience – recognizing that some things are right and some are wrong in God’s sight
  • Taking pride in their creations and possessions
  • Showing consideration for the feelings of others
  • Awareness of God’s creation


  • Bridging the gap between home and school
  • Guiding children to work and play with their peers
  • Helping children to realize that people work at many occupations for their daily needs and pleasures
  • Acquainting children with self, peers, and family
  • Helping children to appreciate their families


  • Prayers: Table prayers, prayers for special needs, giving thanks and praise
  • Worship: Singing Christian songs, sharing Bible stories and lessons
  • Christian Ethics: Love, sharing, cooperation, respect, responsibility, honesty

Language Development

  • Personal Identification: Name, parent’s name, home address, phone number
  • Describing objects, events, and stories
  • Reciting simple rhymes, poems, and prayers

Cognitive Development

  • Introduction to number recognition, oral counting, and point & count

Reading Readiness

  • Introduction of alphabet letter identification, letter sounds, and left-to-right progression

Auditory Discrimination

  • Singing songs
  • Rhythmic movement
  • Following directions
  • Identifying sounds
  • Hearing rhyming sounds

Visual Discrimination

  • Identifying likeness/differences
  • Introduction and identification of colors, size, alphabet letters, shapes, numbers, left & right

Personal & Social Discipline

  • Use words instead of body to settle disputes
  • Take responsibility for personal tasks, behavior, words, and possessions
  • Learn consequences for unacceptable behavior

Fine Motor Skills

  • Cutting, drawing, painting, gluing, tracing, name writing

Gross Motor Skills

  • Free body movement, jumping, hopping, balancing, ball manipulation

You may obtain further information about curriculum from your child’s teacher. Please do not hesitate to ask.

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