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Welcome to our Preschool! We are so glad you are here! At Bethesda Preschool we are passionate about sharing God’s love, our love of learning, and love for one another. We provide an opportunity for your child to become equipped with the readiness for learning in a classroom setting. We provide a positive and interactive learning experience that is age appropriate for children 3-5 years of age. Click on the links below to learn more.


Current Events!

Registration for the 2023/24 school year is now full. If you would like to be added to a waiting list, please email:

Bethesda Preschool Update

Another school year has come to a close and once again we teachers are surprised at how quickly time has flown by! Spring was such a fun time filled with new life in the resurrection of our Lord as well as caterpillars the children anxiously watched grow, become chrysalis, and then emerge as butterflies and also watching larvae as they become pupa, and then emerge as ladybugs. We planted flower seeds and anticipated the new plant life breaking through the surface of the soil. God is so good in His gifting of new days, new beginnings, new life all around us! We can never forget His great love for us when we view the world in spring. We hosted our spring program on Friday, June 2nd. We presented our singing students in the sanctuary and families brought picnic lunches to share near the picnic tables afterward.

We still have openings for the fall in some of our classes!

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with anyone you know looking for a preschool! Thank you to all of you in the Bethesda family. Thank you for your prayers, for your financial donations, for your friendly smiles offered to our many students, for your kind voices to answer the phone at the front desk, for your online expertise that keeps our website looking awesome and running smoothly, for your hammers and wrenches that fix whatever may be broken, for your leaf blower and lawn mower that keeps our playground and park so tidy and beautiful….for the many, many little and oh so important things you do, THANK YOU!!

With much love,
Elizabeth Tigue, Director

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Little Sprouts Update

The last Little Sprouts delivery is the week of June 5th. A HUGE Thank You to everyone who has made the program a success! That includes the volunteers who pack the bags, the drivers who deliver the bags and everyone who helped in other ways. A special Thank You to Stewart Gilbert who has done all the shopping and kept the shelves stocked with supplies. 

Since restarting the programs in January we have delivered approximately 2,665 bags to the 5 elementary schools in the Bethel school district. 

We have enough funds for several months into the next school year but will need additional funds to complete the school year. If we completed all next school year we would deliver approximately 5,040 bags. Any donations to the Little Sprouts account would be greatly appreciated. You can donate with the button below.

Thank you again to all the wonderful volunteers! Donna DeForest and Sandy Henry.


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