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CPC Update

We have finalized a pastor job description and will soon finalize the review process. We will schedule a fireside chat to allow for comments soon, and will also begin visioning. Thank you for your support.

Church Planning Council

Bill Gangwer


Bill has been a member of Bethesda for 21 years. He has been working in healthcare for 42 years. He joined the CPC to help us get through the turmoil of the past 11 months and to move forward in a graceful and healing way. He wants everyone to know that they can reach out to him anytime with any comments, concerns, or feedback.

Deanna Rivera

1st Vice-President

Deanna Rivera has been a member of Bethesda for 50 years. She owns a web development and marketing firm. She joined the CPC because she felt compelled and called to help the church through a difficult time. She loves being able to help this way and shape the future of the church and church family she loves dearly.

Sandy Henry

2nd Vice-President

Sandy has been attending Bethesda for about seven years. She is a Veteran and worked for Eugene Police for almost thirty years.  She and her husband owned a business in Eugene for 26 years.  When she was asked to be on the CPC she thought she could contribute since she was previously on Council at two different churches.

Nancy Haight


Nancy Haight first started coming to Bethesda in 2004. She has two daughters, LilyAnn and Adalyn, and a Havanese pup named Dottie. Nancy works as a freelance editor and is the current secretary of the CPC. 

Donna DeForest


Donna DeForest has been a member of Bethesda for 37 years. She is a retired teacher. She joined the CPC when she was asked to run at our annual church meeting to approve budget and bylaws changes. She is enjoying learning so much about what makes a church and how we can improve it.

Susan Miller


Susan Miller, a member of Bethesda for over 50 years, has probably been more visible to most of you as a 16-year member of the bell choir. Working quietly in the background for many years assisting with Bethesda’s database and bulletins, she decided to take a more active role this year by becoming a communicator on the CPC.

Krista Goodrie


Krista Goodrie has been a member of Bethesda for over 30 years. She and her husband Tom have 3 adult daughters, and 3 grandchildren. She works in healthcare analytics and improvement. She joined the CPC in March 2023.  She enjoys the opportunity to develop new relationships, experience the gifts and talents of other members, and learn more about the Mission of Bethesda. 

Steve Hammerquist


Steve is a lifelong Lutheran and has served in a number of Lutheran Churches. He is now happily retired and hoping to use some of the skill sets he learned as an accountant, assessor, and realtor in past professions to serve on the Church Planning Council. Steve and his wife Vickie have been members of Bethesda for two years. 

Al Laemmer

Al Laemmer


My name is Alan Laemmer. I was born in Oak Park, IL and migrated to Eugene and joined Bethesda in 1994. I was raised Lutheran. Roxann and myself were married on July 30, 1998 by Pastor Ralf Kalms. I’m involved in choir, men’s breakfast and Food for Lane County ministry for several years.
A couple years ago, I was asked to consider becoming Treasurer of the CPC. It didn’t even dawn on me what a commitment that was. The responsibility of those on the CPC is a great challenge. I have met and become friends with many more people. I love this Church and will do whatever I can do to help things to turn out as God intended.
Peace, Al

Thank You Hanne!

    The CPC would like to extend a special thank you to Hanne Bukkehave for her years of service on the Church Planning Council. She had this to say: I have been on the CPC for four years and four months. I am a retired teacher of elementary school and physical education. 

    It’s been a difficult time until the past four months. I feel good about leaving now because we have a very strong board who is getting us through troubled waters with unity, and I can now focus on other things I love, like the Care Team. We all want to make our church whole and with the leading of God, we will get there!

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