This summer will be a little different for Bethesda. After a lot of discussion, we will not be offering our usual VBS/Wildkids camp this year. What this means for us is that we have the opportunity to partner with others so that these ministries can still be available. We are partnering with several other Lutheran Churches in town to participate in Vacation Bible School. Look elsewhere in the Evangel for information on how to sign up, volunteer, or donate.

If that’s not enough and you are wanting more, you should consider sending your kids to Camp Lutherwood. Camp Lutherwood has a variety of programs throughout the summer and the Bethesda Foundation has scholarship money to help kids go to camp. There are camps for almost every age, there are camps for the whole family if that sounds interesting to you, and there is even a women’s retreat in August if you would like to meet other women from around the state. Camp Lutherwood is really a gem that is close by that we don’t lift up enough to all of you. Look for more information later in the Evangel.

As you know, I’ve been asking a lot of questions lately, and I’ve been trying to pay attention to what others are doing as well. Many churches will be continuing hybrid education opportunities in the future. What would it look like if we shared the links to classes amongst churches so that members would have more choices of classes and topics? On one Sunday in May, our Adult Sunday School had a guest speaker from Lutheran World Relief. We had a family from the Lutheran Church in Florence join us for the education hour. What if this became a more normal occurrence instead of something that simply happened during the pandemic. I know that many of you have explored the many offerings from various churches throughout the pandemic. What if this became something that was considered “normal?” I haven’t had a chance to explore these questions with the other pastors in town but it’s on my list of things to do.

I also want to lift up our congregation’s YouTube and Vimeo pages. Most of the classes from this past year are available to watch. Maybe a topic sounded interesting to you but you didn’t get a chance to join in when it was offered. You can go back and watch those classes at any time. I’m hoping by now that all of you with a smart TV or with a Xfinity box that has voice control has figured out how to watch YouTube on your TV. It makes everything a little easier to see and you may be able to sit in your comfy chair as well.

Even if you haven’t, you can still watch in all the ways that you currently are watching. Please reach out with any questions or concerns that you might have. We have learned that we all are more adaptable than we thought so I’m sure there will still be more changes to come and opportunities to learn more.

God’s Peace,
Pastor Steve