This summer both middle and high school students have the opportunity to serve in urban missions – Seattle for middle schoolers and Los Angeles for high schoolers. We will again be working with Center for Student Missions in Los Angeles. (I missed our last L.A. mission in 2013 when our rental home went up in flames days before the trip. My land-lording days are thankfully over!)

CSM’s Approach

Here is a bit about CSM’s approach, in their own words: “We help you experience a city. Living firsthand among the sights, sounds, smells, and textures of urban life is an irreplaceable experience. Our housing options are located in the heart of their respective city, providing you with the opportunity to eat at local international restaurants and discover the delights of Salvadorian, Middle Eastern, Filipino, African–American, and other cuisine.

We help you learn a city. There are unique issues and problems that each city faces. There are also unique and incredible things God is doing to foster and further His Kingdom in each city, through the indigenous organizations that operate on the front lines of urban ministry. You’ll learn what city dwellers face, and how to overcome challenging circumstances.

We help you help a city. At CSM, you become part of the solution for a city. By offering your time, energy, and prayers, ministry sites are supported and built up to their full potential of service. You will be integrated into a variety of hands-on ministry opportunities to ensure that your time is spent supplying substantive help to God’s people in the city.”

Prayers for our L.A. Mission Group

Extended mission experiences like this one help youth and leaders to de-habituate. We break our routines and the comforts of familiarity. In seeing another city with fresh eyes, we are better able to see our own community upon return. A pilgrimage for service carries us home with renewed faith and commitment to caring for our neighbors.

We invite your prayers for our L.A. group during June 22-29. Leaders are myself, Deanna Rivera, and Eli Barnes. Youth include John Littrell, Joseph Coble, Jensen Ellison, Saige Kinnaman, Simone Jackson, Ellie Leavitt, Emily DeMarco, Chalina DeMarco, Vanessa Jackson and Claire Blickle.

Shalom, Pastor Tom