It’s amazing what happens when the word gets out that something is needed. You all respond! Thank you to all who donated to the Senior Transportation Fund. Also, thank you to all who gave memorials for Pauline Petersen or Don Berry. Their memorial gifts helped to support this ministry as well. We also want to thank Pauline’s family for covering the remaining gap in funding and for giving extra to establish a bit of a maintenance fund for our vehicles.

This bus will truly be a blessing to our seniors who live at Solvang because it will afford them the opportunity to worship with us more frequently. We don’t have a first Sunday pickup planned, as of yet. As I write this, the bus is being detailed on the inside. There is a little exterior work that needs to be done and we are working on arrangements for that. We anticipate it being ready for Holy Week and Easter, if not sooner.

Currently, we have two people who have said they are interested in driving the bus. The bus does not require a special license but we want to make sure that whoever is driving it feels confident with how everything works so that it can make many safe trips in the years to come. If anyone else is interested in being a bus driver, please let Pastor Steve know.