Our brother Jesus taught us to pray to our Father in heaven. We pray using the very words he gave us, “when you pray, say…” (Luke 11:2) and we model other prayers on this one, “pray then like this…”

Jesus taught us to pray boldly and confidently as children approaching their dear father. Ezra will repeatedly say, “daddy, daddy, daddy…” until I not only stop what I am doing, but turn my complete attention to him. This is the boldness given to us by Jesus towards our Heavenly Father. And it is far easier to capture God’s attention than mine.

The “your petitions” of the Lord’s Prayer encompass our whole selves. Our heart knows God as loving Father. Our words honor God’s name as we call upon the Lord or call others to the Lord. Our thoughts and conscience are ruled by God as King. Our deeds are for the doing of God’s will on earth as in heaven.

The “our petitions” encompass our whole lives. We pray for God’s daily provision in the present. We plea for God’s forgiveness for our past even as we extend such forgiveness to others. We place our future in the hands of God who will guard us in trial and temptation and rescue us from evil.

Our brother Jesus teaches us to pray directly and intimately to our Creator. In praying like Jesus, we place our whole selves and our whole lives before our Father who is wholly concerned for our wellbeing and the redemption of the whole creation in Christ.

Pastor Tom