The Church Planning Council has been working with Hosea Youth Services over the past couple of months to place six pallet shelters in the west parking lot for six young adults to live in between the ages of 18-25. These shelters will be fenced in by cyclone fencing with privacy slats. Inside the fence, the residents will have a port-a-potty, hand washing station, and garbage and recycling services.

How did this conversation start?

Deanna Rivera originally connected Brad Bills, the Director of Hosea Youth Services, with Pastor Steve to present the idea. Brad Bills then came to a CPC meeting to assess interest and answer questions.

Has the preschool been notified about this?

Pastor Steve had a conversation with Elizabeth Tigue, our Preschool Director, early on in this process to get her feedback. She is completely behind this ministry and is kept informed as decisions are being made. She will be in contact with preschool parents, keeping them updated on the progress.

How will these young adults eat, shower, and wash clothing?

The residents will go downtown to Hosea House for services and two meals each day. They have a place where they can take showers and wash clothes, as well.

What will be the requirements for living in the pallet shelters?

Each of the residents will be working towards permanent housing. The exact steps for each individual may vary but the goal is to move from transitional housing into a more permanent dwelling. This will include getting a job and/or finishing any education goals (i.e. receiving their GED).

Will the residents be allowed to have guests?

There is a no guest rule. A full list of rules will be available at the front desk.

Will there be any supervision?

One of the six shelters will be for the site supervisor who will be in charge of curfew and enforcing the site rules. There will also be a weekly inspection of the shelters to make sure that they are being kept up and the rules are being followed.

What can I do if I want to be involved?

Bethesda will have a committee of people who will help facilitate this ministry. Several volunteers have already stepped forward expressing their interest and we welcome others to do the same. There may be some needs for bedding or other items when the residents move in; we will make that information available. We are also looking towards opportunities to build community with the residents, through something as simple as sharing a meal and hearing their stories.

What is the cost to Bethesda?

At this point, our only cost will be for electricity for the six shelters, coming from the far light pole in the west parking lot. This is the same way we have provided power to the campers who have been in
our parking lot in the past.

What if it just doesn’t work?

In the upcoming weeks and months, we have scheduled numerous times of evaluations to access how this ministry is going. That said, of course there will be bumps along the way; we ask that if you have questions or concerns you bring them to the committee (who will be named at a later date) or to the CPC.

I still have questions. How do I find out more?

Please reach out to Pastor Steve at or you can make an appointment to meet with him. You can also direct any questions to the CPC.

God’s Peace, Pastor Steve