“The cross wasn’t God’s response to humanity’s sin. It was humanity’s response to God’s love.”—David Henson

I saw the above quote last week on Twitter. I like things that make me stop and look at what is being said. There are lots of theories lifted up about why Jesus had to die. The above is compelling because we can experience God’s love as being so radical that we begin to judge who God simply can’t love. And, the idea that God’s love is for everyone, even the one I dislike the most, can make some question God’s motive.

I’m not trying to turn today’s devotion into discussion on Atonement Theories. Instead, as we move into Palm Sunday and Holy Week, I’d like us to think about how God loves us. This is one of the times that I think you can be selfish and focus on how God loves you specifically. What does Christ’s death and resurrection mean to you? We need to know what it means for us so that we know what it means for our neighbor as well. Sometimes we also need to look at ourselves first or else we can begin to compare ourselves to others, “I’m certainly not as much of a sinner as they are!”

As you hear of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, what does that mean for you? As you hear of Jesus’ trial and sentence, what does that mean for you? As you hear Jesus’ words from the cross, what does that mean for you? As Jesus breathes his last, what does it mean for you? And finally when Jesus rises from the dead, what does that mean for you?

You might think that your perspective on these events have stayed pretty much the same over the years. But, after this past year, you may feel like your perspective has changed. What has the time of social distancing meant for you? As more people are vaccinated, what does that mean for you? I admit that I am full of questions lately. Sometimes it takes some time and perspective to understand what things actually meant. Until then, focus in on God’s love for you and what that love actually means.

God’s Peace, Pastor Steve