Do you recall what it was like to visit your parents the first few years after moving out? Did you ever feel like a child again? Did you revert to old antics with siblings? Was there any awkwardness in relating to your parents, having become more independent?  

Two Sundays ago, Jesus told his disciples to welcome children in his name. This Sunday he takes it a step further and perhaps goes beyond our comfort. Now, we are not the ones who welcome children; we are the children whom Jesus welcomes. A common criticism of traditions (like ours) who baptize infants is, “How do you get a mature faith inside of a little child, even an infant?” We see in Mark 10:13-16 that Jesus’ preoccupation is not how to get mature faith into children but how to bless childlike faith into adults.

Thankfully, when God welcomes us home as children, we aren’t reverted to childishness or old sibling rivalries. We are taken up into the strong arms of Jesus and blessed forevermore.

Pr. Tom