This article begins a series that will focus on the whys of worship.

Over the next several months, I will focus on the big question: why worship? as well as examining the whys of the various parts of the worship service (i.e. why sharing of the peace, why communion, why the benediction, etc.).

However, before I begin with my own theology of worship, I’d like to invite you into the conversation. Would you please in the next couple of weeks send me your thoughts pertaining to the following questions? I truly want to know what stirs your heart, how God is moving in your life, what your soul is longing for. I will not use names, but will use your own thoughts and questions to guide this conversation.

Answer all or one of the following and send your thoughts to me via email. Please be honest and open; I’m hoping for a wide variety of your thoughts and questions (ask your kids their opinion, too!). Thank you in advance for your help in cultivating a deeper understanding of worship among us.

Why Worship?

  1. Why do you worship?
  2. On days you don’t worship, what keeps you away?
  3. What during worship feeds your soul?
  4. What creates tension in you/what do you dislike?
  5. How might you enhance or add to worship?
  6. How does (or does not) worship connect to your daily life?
  7. List any questions you might have for me pertaining to worship.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Pastor Sarah