Read the Bible in a Year

Discipline is not my forte; I am so very good at making plans, designing outlines, setting goals…and then letting those languish virtually untouched in the back of my desk drawer. So, this new year (along with the rest of the world) I’m going to start something and actually finish it (I will. I promise.) We’re going to read the bible in a year.

On February 1st, with whoever wishes to join me, we are going to spend the next year on a walk through the entirety of Scripture. Each day we will read a couple chapters and weekly I will post something online so that we can hold each other accountable.

There are three ways for you to follow along with this year-long reading adventure:

  • One: download the Complete List of Readings.
  • Two and/or Three: require a few more steps. Either join or download the FaithlifeGroups App and become a member (the app is free). Next, tell me (Pastor Sarah) that you would like to participate in the online discussion group and give me your email address. I will then send you an invitation to join the group “Bethesda Bible in a Year.” Accept that invitation.

The appropriate bible passages will be available on our group page or will be sent to you via the app. You can read them on your computer or phone, you can ask questions and/or comment and participate in ongoing conversation. Together, we can do this; together we will read through the Bible in a year and discover anew the God who loves us more than we dare imagine.

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