About Us

At Bethesda Preschool we teach the whole child and believe that success in school as well as in life is multi-faceted. The following are the areas in which your child will receive instruction throughout the course of the school year. Please note that pre-reading and pre-math will not be introduced until the 4 year old class level.


    • • We encourage the character attributes of honesty, respect, compassion, and kindness, among others.
    • • We share God’s creation of the world and His children, His love for all of us, His presence among us and our ability to talk to Him through prayer.
    • • We provide prayer time during class, at snack time and during chapel.
    • • We share bible stories and songs.


    • • We guide children to work and play safely and respectfully with their peers.
    • • We promote and develop children’s patience as they learn to share and take turns with one another.
    • • We give direction and encourage the use of words to settle disagreements and big feelings.
    • • We encourage children to take responsibility for personal tasks, behavior, and words.
    • • We utilize a time-out spot for a child with continued negative behavior that has not changed with prior redirection.


    • • We will introduce all 52 letters upper and lowercase as well as their sounds.
    • • We will introduce numbers 1-10, oral counting, and point and count.

Language Development

    • • We will recite simple rhymes, poems, and prayers.
    • • We will introduce speaking in front of peers through the telling of events, the recitation of a prior lesson, and the describing of special toys at sharing.

Auditory & Visual Learning

    • • We will sing songs for fun as well as to learn and also practice following verbal directions.
    • • We will introduce and identify colors and shapes as well as previously mentioned letters and numbers.

Fine Motor Skills

    • We will paint, glue, draw, color, trace, cut with scissors and at the 4s class level, learn to write all letters upper/lowercase and each child’s name.