On the Galilean road, Jesus stopped to
reflect and pray.
We, too, long for rest and a balm for our
Seeing those in need, Jesus healed,
taught, and fed.
We are called to live as servants,
loving our neighbors as ourselves
Holding the children close, Jesus blessed
for to such as these the kingdom of heaven
On the road to Bethlehem, the true light
came into the world.
And the Word became flesh and lived
among us
and we have seen his glory.

Memories of Summer

Summer brings back all kinds of memories: Boy Scout Camp, fishing, bottles of pop, frozen Charleston Chews, riding bikes, spending time at my grandparents, hot afternoons riding around in the truck on the farm, Pepsi, stacking hay, tons of swimming in the lake, listening to the Brewers on the radio, thunderstorms, and a lot of other stuff. I’m sure that each of you could make a list of things that you enjoyed doing in the summertime. In my list, I chose to leave out the things that I dreaded doing in the summertime. Who wants to
remember the smell of cleaning the duck pen on a hot summer morning?

I also remember going to church in the summertime. Northern Wisconsin was a summer tourist destination. And our little church had to add a service because so many people came to worship during the summer. All of these Lutherans from various places would come and worship with us. I’m not sure how old I was when I learned that this isn’t normal. Most churches see a decline in the attendance during the summer because people are off doing other things. But, I will admit, I never minded giving up my seat to a visitor because that meant I got to sit on the steps outside of the church and look at the lake.

Jesus is With Us

This litany for the summer is meant to remind us to take Jesus with us wherever we may go. Hopefully, you will find some rest or see or experience something new. Hopefully, you will spot “the true light that has come into the world” in your travels. Each Sunday, those of us who aren’t traveling or on a mission trip or just playing hooky, will gather to hear God’s Word and to share in the Sacraments. Our prayers will be for you, wherever you may be, that you will have rest, that you will have fun like a child, and that you will see Christ wherever you go.

~Pastor Steve