Only four weeks left…four weeks left of summer BBQs and lazy days on the river; four weeks left of kids running in the sprinkler and cool evening hikes up Spencer’s Butte; four weeks left of family vacations and watermelon rinds tossed in the bushes; four weeks left…until school begins and routines commence and alarms are set and flip flops are traded for brand new shoelaces. Four weeks of Sundays for you to spend a few extra moments with your family or friends; four weeks that might find you someplace other than the hard pews of our sanctuary.

So, here is my little note to you. Look for God while you’re out there. Look for God in the lines at the amusement park, in the waves at the beach. Look for Jesus in the kids at the swimming pool and the mamas trying to get them occupied. Look for the Spirit in the heart of your waitress where you get your summer beer, in the eyes of your children as they complain how bored they are. Look for God, my friends. Because I may miss you when you’re not in worship…but, God doesn’t…because God’s with you each and every moment; just remember to pay attention and see God’s gentle movement around you.

I’ll see each of you in four weeks, when you’ll share with me all those stories of where you opened your eyes and saw Jesus.

Watching with you,