One of our primary goals as your pastors is to help you in your journey as a Jesus follower. To that end, we are taking extra time in prayer and listening to your voices as we plan worship—hopefully opening up the space for the Spirit to meet you. In addition to worship, however, we want to give you tools to help you in this journey during the rest of the week—after all, that’s where you spend almost all of your time! We want to help nurture your life of faith, so you become aware that no matter where you find yourself, you are forever swimming in the waters of God’s grace.

Discipleship is something we are all called to; it is a way of life, a way of living, where we seek to devote all aspects of our lives to the One who created us and calls us beloved. Over the next six weeks, we will be focusing our worship and our preaching on what are commonly called the “Marks of Discipleship.” We hope that during this time, we can challenge each other to focus a little more clearly on these specific disciplines of the Christian life, and together immersing ourselves more fully in the life of God. We invite you to begin this journey on September 10; we invite you to open yourself to the Spirit; and we invite you to see where Jesus might be leading you as an individual and Bethesda as a congregation.

Walking together with you,
Your Pastors

Marks of Discipleship Schedule

Sept. 10 – Daily Prayer
Sept. 17 – Weekly Worship
Sept. 24 – Daily Bible Reading
Oct. 1 – Serving In and Beyond the Congregation
Oct. 8 – Nurturing Relationships
Oct. 15 – Giving a Tithe and Beyond