I’m still processing much of what I learned/experienced/heard during my ten days away, but what affected me most was the rhythm of worship and the quiet. So much of life is stolen away by the noise. We keep ourselves so busy and scheduled; we allow our minds to become endlessly saturated by all we think important; we forget that our soul might need some nurturing, too. You all know that the first thing to be eliminated when our lives get overwhelmed is prayer and quiet and contemplation. While at the monastery, I learned that to help combat this instinct we desperately need to schedule time for the quiet and rhythm of meditation and prayer.

I could lead another class and just talk about how important this scheduled time is…or, we could simply schedule a time. I’m choosing the latter.

From now on, every Wednesday morning from 6:30am-7:30am the sanctuary will be open for your own personal silent prayer and meditation.

Maybe stop by for a few minutes on your way to work or on your way home from the gym. You needn’t stay the whole hour; listen to the Spirit’s whisperings and let her be your guide. I will be there praying, as well. If you’d like to chat or want spoken prayer, come closer to 7:30am, when silence will have ended.

One last piece you need to know…because we’ll be praying during non-business hours and we need to keep ourselves and our space safe, you will need a code to get in the building. If you plan ahead, ask me beforehand and I’ll give it to you. If you spontaneously show up one Wednesday morning, text me when you get there (541-852-5637) and I will let you in.

Now, let this be a time where we choose to put God first, where we choose to orient atleast part of our time toward our Creator. Let this be a time where we gather together and blanket our congregation, our community, ourselves in lifegiving

Holding each of you in love and prayer,

Pastor Sarah