For the second year, we are going to undertake the spiritual practice of receiving a StarWord. On January 8, during worship you will be invited to come forward to choose a star with your guiding word for the year. You can let the Spirit do her work and with eyes closed you simply pick a star up and make it your own. You can search through the pile a bit and find the word that speaks to your heart. You can look at it right away or stuff it in your pocket and find it in the wash tomorrow. You can do whatever you want with it…but, I encourage you to let this be a word that guides and illuminates your entire year. I don’t offer this to you to give you just one more thing to do…I offer it so you might find a few moments to simply sit with the God who so desperately longs to speak to you…and so desperately longs for you to listen.

My StarWord for this last year was “follow.” I put my pink star between the rearview mirror and roof of the car, where usually it sat unnoticed. But, somedays, the word caught my attention and I’d be reminded to follow the One who hung the stars in the sky. I’d be reminded that I didn’t have to be the one in charge all the time, but could rest in the One I was called to follow. I’d be reminded that although the future seemed uncertain, the One who held it was faithful and steadfast. I really didn’t spend a whole lot of time on it, but just those few moments, every once in awhile, helped me refocus on the somethings or Someone that really mattered. I pray this year I’ll be a little more diligent…but, I trust even if I’m not, Jesus will lead me to where I need to go, to who I need to meet, to what I need to do…I just need to follow.

So, even if you’re not in worship on the 8th, you can text/call me and I’ll draw a word for you (or stop into church…they’ll be in a basket at the bottom of the sanctuary steps). It’s your word…and it’s waiting for you!

This year, I hope you’ll take the time to listen to God…to follow where God might be leading you; this year I hope you’ll take a StarWord, and you’ll let this one little word be a path unto following the Word born flesh in our world.

I can’t wait to hear the stories of where Jesus met you, where the Star vanquished darkness, where the light shined, and where you emerged a new creation.

Following with you,