A Beautiful Day

You are my rising sun, Lord

You are my rising sun

Oh! What a beautiful day

You are my sunny sky, Lord

You are my sunny sky

Oh! What a beautiful day

You are my setting sun, Lord

You are my setting sun

Oh! What a beautiful day

You are my moonlit night, Lord

You are my moonlit night

Oh! What a beautiful night

You are my Savior Lord

Free and Forever

Oh! What a beautiful day

How could if be

Any other way

~Jack Lodl

Summer Outlook

Despite the wet weather we continue to see, the summer is here and the kids are home. Working from the parsonage study here becomes a little noisier, but these earphones work well enough! Ha ha, Andrea literally just texted and asked if I’d be home soon. I guess nobody knows where I am. I get more work done off the grid anyway. 

I’m looking forward to our first Bethesda youth trip since 2019. We have a group of twelve spending four days in Seattle in July. Bethesda Family Camping in August is always a treat. We have a few campsites still unclaimed, FYI. Last year we had a fire ban but it rained, go figure. It was a great time anyway!

The Welches will make our first trip to Camp Lutherwood together in a couple of weekends for Family Camp. The boys will return for overnight elementary camps later in July. A big thank you to the Bethesda Lutheran Foundation for sponsoring our kids and several other Bethesda kids and friends to attend camp and/or Seattle.

Some of the youth will be renovating our Duck-Beaver (youth) room upstairs. They have a lot of great ideas to increase the room’s coziness, personality, and fun. On that note, if you know of a Keurig machine or Ping Pong table available for donation, please let me know. Or, maybe you have other games/items to suggest.

I pray the Lord blesses you with renewal this season. We are so fortunate to live where we do. 


Pr. Tom