The 5th/6th Grade Wildkids Day Camp theme was The BFG. As with the giants of Roald Dahl’s The BFG, we at times believe God to be…

  • Ancient and Enormous (un-relatable)
  • Otherworldly (not usually around)
  • Undetectable (only in our dreams?)
  • Frightening (man-eating?)
  • Confusing (uses big, strange words)

The Bible contains many stories about faith overcoming fear, confusion and many other obstacles to knowing God. Here are the ones we covered:

Monday – The Big Faraway God? The Angel came to Mary, announcing the birth of Jesus, the coming of God’s Son into our world.

Tuesday – The Big Forgetful God? While the disciples fought the storm on the sea, Jesus slept in the boat. The disciples wondered if Jesus cared they were perishing.

Wednesday – The Big Frightening God? While the disciples crossed the sea by night, Jesus came walking on water and they cried out in fear, thinking he was a ghost. Peter is called out of the boat to walk on the water, until fear seizes him and Jesus must rescue him.

Thursday – The Big Fragile God? Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, agonizing over the suffering to come, praying for a plan B, but submitting himself to his Father’s will. Tremendous strength of will enabled Jesus to remain fragile to the point of death on the cross, for our sakes.

Friday – The Big Failed God? The disciples thought Jesus was dead and their hopes had been dashed, until Jesus appears among them, risen and victorious.

Jesus reveals God and restores our relationship with “The Big Faithful God, The Big Forgiving God, The Big Father God.” We can pray to God and trust God’s “big ears” will hear us.

I loved the opportunity to spend this week with a great group of kids. As they transition from elementary to middle school, I pray they may know more than ever that God is faithful, forgiving, and FOR them.