love isWhen I was younger, my Bona (grandma) always had one of those “ Love Is … ” cartoon strips found in the newspaper, taped to her fridge. They were usually ones my Bapa (grandpa) had cut out for her so she knew how much he loved her.

Although I don’t remember those special one hung on the avocado green fridge, here are some examples…

And now, I’d like to add some of my own….

  • Love is…a Packer quilt long enough to touch your toes.
  • Love is…a 40th birthday full of so many hugs, your heart is overwhelmed.
  • Love is…a bright purple chocolate cake.
  • Love is…lunch where tears are shed.
  • Love is…coffee where joys are shared.
  • Love is…vulnerably having your feet washed by another.
  • Love is…children dancing in the aisles.
  • Love is…sitting vigil at the bedside of your mother.
  • Love is…drinking a beer in memory of your father.
  • Love is…thawing winters and blossoming Spring.
  • Love is…forgiveness spoken and then lived.
  • Love is…swimming in the waters of grace.
  • Love is…congregation that chooses again and again to walk together.
  • Love is…believing the Creator created you beloved.
  • Love is…waters streaming down your forehead.
  • Love is…being nourished by the bread of life.
  • Love is…God who never stops chasing you.
  • Love is…the transforming wind of the Spirit.
  • Love is …Jesus.