Remember that Sunday in January? When I asked you all to pick up a star and on it was your very own StarWord?

I’m wondering how it’s going. Because that word was meant just for you. The Spirit worked through a small piece of paper so that you might be aware of God’s presence in your life. Ahhh….to be aware. Isn’t that the most difficult thing? To be aware. We know God’s love surrounds us; we know God’s Spirit moves; we know we meet Jesus in our neighbor. And yet, we so often forget…we forget we’re swimming in God’s grace, we forget we’re God’s beloved, we forget…

So, today, I’d like you to remember your StarWord. I’d like you to remember God placed that word in your heart for a reason. I’d like you to pray about what God wanted you to experience; I’d like you to open your soul to God’s presence, to God’s speaking, to God’s love and to see what that word still has in store for you…to see what God still has in store for you. And, I’ll do the same. And together we’ll follow (that’s my word) where this God of our’s is leading.

P.S. Please share with me your story of your StarWord! I’d love to hear it!