It doesn’t always happen, but last night it did.

Last night, a group of women gathered for an ordinary book study and as their eyes moved from the pages in front of them to the faces in front of them, God appeared.

I promise you, we were standing on holy ground. Because, as the weeks have continued, we know it’s not really about food; it’s about how we view ourselves and it’s about trusting that our sisters in Christ can see beauty in us, even when we can’t see it in ourselves.

So, around the table we went. Each woman, sat there, as the group spoke out loud the truth—spoke out loud what we so often refuse to see.

God’s Mirror
“Your eyes sparkle.”

“You have the most beautiful hair; its color is stunning.”

“You simply bring a spirit of joy whoever you go.”

“You are so beautifully honest, it makes us feel like we can be vulnerable, too.”

“Your daughter is so very proud of you.”

“The way you make your faith come alive, is such a tremendous gift to me.”

And, I could go on.

For two hours, we declared love to each other; we strengthened friendships; new ones blossomed; we became a mirror—allowing each woman to see who she truly was, a beautiful, gifted, loving, and lovable child of God.

I wish the whole of Bethesda could have been there; I wish the whole community could have been there. Because, last night, we embodied the risen Christ for each other, and there is absolutely no doubt…the Spirit was there, uniting us, loving us, and through each other, helping us to love ourselves.

If you long for connection, we will see you next Tuesday at 6pm.