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Kids Summer Camps

Each summer, we hold week long kids summer camps for our Bethesda Youth! It’s a week full of creativity, play, and worship! We have two different camps for separate age groups. Our Vacation Bible School camp is for kids entering Kindergarten through those entering 4th grade. WildKids Day Camp is for kids entering 5th or 6th grade.

WildKids Day Camp

Currently On Hold.

WildKids Day Camp is for kids entering 5th/6th grade the following fall season and is often held during the same time as Vacation Bible School. Also like VBS, it’s a week long day camp filled with fun activities. Each day, kids get together to go on a new adventure! In the past, adventures have included: Honeyman State Park in Florence, Camp Lutherwood in Cheshire, Spencer’s Butte, Putter’s, and more! It’s a great way for kids to stay active, meet friends, and get out of the house during the summer.

WildKids 2019 (Past)

The theme was “World of Wonder” which means… Four days of exploration all over Oregon! Kids went on adventures at Honeyman State Park, Splash! in Eugene, and at Lutherwood Camp in Cheshire. They even went on a wildlife safari in Winston!

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is a week long day camp, usually at the beginning of July, for our littlest of kids (Kindergarten through 4th grade). Each morning, all children gather together in the sanctuary, where they sing songs, jump for joy, and hear about Jesus’ love for them. They then split into small groups and go to various stations, where they: listen to Bible Stories, watch videos about real kids who are unique and loved by God, eat tasty snacks, play crazy games, and participate in some amazing science experiments. They all then meet together in a large group again, where parents, grandparents and caregivers can hear about the day’s learnings and experiences. Each year, VBS, has a new, fun theme!

VBS 2019 (Past)

The 2019 theme was ROAR. Set in the African wild, students went on a safari to get closer to God. Throughout the week, kids met animals including Mack the Rhino, Zion the Lion, and more who each had a lesson about God to teach for the day. Children really felt like they were on an adventure in Africa!

A Look Back at Vacation Bible School of Years Past!

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